Thank You's from Brent and Jessica!

This is part of Brent's e-mail (one of February's soldiers):

"The days are counting down in the 50 range. Things here are busy and very kinetic, but I wanted to let you know we received 18 packages from the group today and WOW, were we happy. I also wanted to thank you for taking time to write, it really means a lot to me.

This is an amazing act of kindness. It’s great to hear of people that still do these things. WOW, I think this is the only word to describe the amount of effort they had to put into all the baking effort, packing and shipping!
My Marines are doing great, and without a doubt all the care packages have made a huge impact on them. It is simply amazing to know all these people think and care so much to send these wonderful (and very useful) packages. Let them know the Marines truly appreciate their thoughtfulness. As times are hard on them the packages are a reminder that people really care about what we are doing over here every day.

Words do little to express what gratitude we have to everyone that has contributed. Please let them know, we truly appreciate all the love, effort & support they made to make this deployment a bit easier and meaningful! Take care!


From Jessica:
"Thank you for sending the care packages with all the treats. The Marines and myself in VFMA-122 really enjoyed them. I would also like to thank you and your group for all the support.
Sgt. Jessica"