Thank you from Nick!

One of our baker's recently received this email from Nick-

.....you recently sent me some goodies and i just wanted to thank you !!! it means alot to me . even tho home is so far away little things mean so much ....... If you ever have the chance to send things over to afganistan or iraq please do.. My first deployment i went there and packages are treated like gold.. Its amazing how much just a picture of Ohio or a newspaper means over there.. Kinda keeps ya remembering how things are back home.Once again thank so much for the gifts for me and my fellow troops !!!! you keep us going !!! THANK YOU !!!!
Nick Foor"


Thanks from a Marine Mom

Thank you so much....to all the bakers. You have no idea how happy you all made some Marines who are far away from home.

At this Thanksgiving, we are grateful to all of you.



More Thanks!!

Barb just received a very nice letter from MSG Jeffrey Garcia. He responded to all who baked cookies and thanked us for "sharing your life with me and my soldiers, and for taking the time to recognize our service to our country and its people". The best was he ended by saying he would be home in 2 weeks, yahoo!!!.

Jennie also received a letter From Jeff that said "The care package was very thoughtful and well appreciated by all of us. Comfort food is always a good thing.
We will be going home soon, so thank you again."


Happy Veteran's Day

Thank you for your service! Veterans know well the consequences and CHOOSE to risk their lives in order to help improve the lives of others less fortunate. God bless each and every one of you.


What to Send

Our mission is to mainly send home-baked goods for our soldiers, but I am often asked what we can send if we have extra space or no time to bake (but still want to send something to our soldier to know they are appreciated).
Here are some suggestions: (Thanks Teresa!)
Playing Cards
Ziploc Bags (to keep personal items dry or sand-free)
Sunflower Seeds, Chewing Gum, Nuts
Spices (crushed red pepper, cayenne, salt, pepper)
Smoked canned sardines, oysters
Cereal /granola bars
Protein power/energy bars
Travel size tissues
Travel size antibacterial
Travel size sunscreen
Hot Cocoa Mix
Powdered drink mix/powdered gatorade
Foot powder
Hand warmers
Icy Hot Patches
Small skinny notebooks or writing paper
Magazines (non objectionable)
Crossword, Sudoku puzzle books
aa batteries
Ink pens/pencils


Thanks from Rubin

from Rubin's aunt Patty:
"Rubin says to please tell all of the "Gals" that the boxes arrived in great shape and he and his buddies are overwhelmed with the love and thoughtfulness that went into packing each one. They all send their love and thanks."


Great News!

I received this last month from the family of Jim Lawlor (one of our July soldiers).
"We had learned from Jim about 3 weeks ago- that he'd not received any of the letters & pkgs we'd sent since April.
We became very concerned etc- even tho we knew he was in a very remote area.
Just go a message from him this AM that was written 7 hrs ago- he was back at Co. Hqtrs. for a short while- and had gotten everything!!! He couldn't stop thanking for all the good baked goods and good AMERICAN food that you and your bakers had sent. He shared with his group and they all appreciated it more than any of us will ever realize. They all were SO happy!!!!!
There are not words enough to express how much your service means to the families of these guys. And thanks just doesn't seem to even begin to tell you how thankful we are for you all!! But again- thank you for this service.
Sincerely, Linda E
PS- He'll start processing for - back to the states Nov 25th!! That's the best news yet!!!!!!"



Another Thanks from Bravo Co.

We are sincerely grateful for the packages and kind words-they were much appreciated. Colonel Ed had Bravo Company distribute their contents to the Soldiers in our unit. We're entering the ninth month of our deployment, and certain items are in short supply. The shelves in our PX are becoming increasingly bare due to the ongoing drawdown of forces, so personal hygiene products are always needed. Snacks, especially the home-baked cookies, were welcome treats--and a reminder of the homes we left behind so many months ago.

I'm pleased to report all packages arrived intact--over 80 in all. And they came just in time, as our post office is reducing operations, and delivery of incoming mail to this location will cease in the very near future.

On behalf of our entire Task Force here at COB Speicher, i wish to again thank the selfless individuals who purchased the items, baked the cookies, packed the boxes and paid for the postage. We are truly humbled by your generosity and heartened by your concern for our well-being.


Brian K
Captain, Medical Service Corps
Company Commander
task Force 256th Combat Support Hospital


Thanks from COB Speicher

Got this email in response to the packages we sent on an "emergency basis"......
"Yes!! Over 100 packages, most containing baked goods and hygiene products, arrived between August 20 and 27. These were distributed not only to soldiers from our unit, but also to all the U.S. military on COB Speicher. Our unit has produced many "thank you" notes, which were mailed a couple days ago. We are all grateful for the generosity of so many good people. "
Col. Ed


Thank you from Brian

"Thank you so much for the care package. I cannot say how much we appreciate it and how much it means to us to know there are people who support us back home. It is a huge morale booster to us.

We put the cookies and snacks on a table in our office. It is amazing how fast word spreads that someone has cookies. We get all kinds on visitors. We share with our smaller adjacent units too. They are also very appreciative.

We are almost halfway though our deployment. It's great seeing that light at the end of the tunnel.
We just have a hot summer and hopefully not so hot fall - then we should be back in time for the holidays.

I can't wait to get back to northeast Ohio. I love the seasons.... and we don't get a whole lot of change over here.

Thanks again. We truly appreciate you and your organization."

SFC Brian K.


A Family's Thanks

Our grandson, Christopher, is home from the UAE, safe and sound. He still talks about all the baked goods he received and how he was able to share them with others. It sure made a lot of them happy.

Thank you so very much - and all that take part in the program. It’s people like you that make the deployment tolerable.


Larry W.

Some Requests

from one of our bakers........
I spoke with Brent, who is my close friend and to whom we sent packages. He asked me first off to thank everyone who is baking and sending boxes to send to the troops. When I asked, he gave me the following list of things that really came in handy for the troops:
travel-sized toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrushes, etc
individually packed handiwipes and eye wash
packets or cans of tuna or chicken
gum, candy, etc
individually packed nuts, etc
cookies, of course
granola and granola bars
i thought maybe sunscreen, though he didn't mention that
I hope that helps!
Thank you for all that you do,


Thanks from Maureen

Jennie, one our bakers has received this email from her friend, Maureen, one of this months soldiers-


Oh my goodness I can't even BEGIN to tell you how excited everyone has been with the boxes of cookies. I have been begged for more of your orange cookies, and for someone's (can't remember who) peanut butter cookies. And I thought one girl was going to tackle me for the container of icing you sent with the cupcakes.

Tell everyone who has sent items THANK YOU! I and my Marines are LOVING them.


Like Christmas!!

I wanted to share part of an email we received.
"........the young soldier you’re sending cookies to this month has been ecstatic over each box—like Christmas! "


Thanks From Dr. Ed

part of an email I received....
"I did receive many packages filled with cookies and other treats from  Operation Baking Girls a few months ago. Needless to say, I wasn't able to eat  all the contents myself, so shared them with other soldiers in my unit. The  cookies were delicious, and much appreciated. On behalf of the soldiers of the  256th Combat Support Hospital, I wish to extend my sincerest appreciation to  your group for its kindness and consideration.  Thank you again for thinking of us here in Iraq."  Colonel Dr. Ed Deputy Commander for Clinical Services


From a Soldier's Mom

Received for Laura "Hi and Good- Morning to you!!! We'll, just a Great BIG THANK YOU to everyone form Rob and his friends in South Korea! They received 20 boxes of cookies, and muffins. He said the muffins were the only bakery that was not in good condition when they arrived. Everything else was great and he and his friends said they were so happy!!!!Please pass this on to the cookie girls, With Sincere thanks, A Grateful Soldier and his Mom!!!"


Thank You's from Brent and Jessica!

This is part of Brent's e-mail (one of February's soldiers):

"The days are counting down in the 50 range. Things here are busy and very kinetic, but I wanted to let you know we received 18 packages from the group today and WOW, were we happy. I also wanted to thank you for taking time to write, it really means a lot to me.

This is an amazing act of kindness. It’s great to hear of people that still do these things. WOW, I think this is the only word to describe the amount of effort they had to put into all the baking effort, packing and shipping!
My Marines are doing great, and without a doubt all the care packages have made a huge impact on them. It is simply amazing to know all these people think and care so much to send these wonderful (and very useful) packages. Let them know the Marines truly appreciate their thoughtfulness. As times are hard on them the packages are a reminder that people really care about what we are doing over here every day.

Words do little to express what gratitude we have to everyone that has contributed. Please let them know, we truly appreciate all the love, effort & support they made to make this deployment a bit easier and meaningful! Take care!


From Jessica:
"Thank you for sending the care packages with all the treats. The Marines and myself in VFMA-122 really enjoyed them. I would also like to thank you and your group for all the support.
Sgt. Jessica"


A Mil. Mom Sends Thanks!

We received this email from Alex's mom today. Thanks to all the bakers!!!

"I spoke to Alex a couple of days ago and he is amazed and overwhelmed at the support your group has shown him. He says he's saving the enclosed e-mail addresses with the intent to respond to everyone personally, but at the moment he has very little down time, and less opportunity to sit down at a computer to e-mail.
He was particularly happy to receive Ohio University items which were packed in a couple of the boxes. Apparently there are a few alums amongst the cookie bakers.
Once again, my heartfelt thanks to your entire group. As a Military Mom I really appreciate all you do!


Thanks from Jonathan...

"Greetings from Afghanistan! Thank you for taking the time to think of me. Things are going well and I am doing my part. I miss my family, but the time will pass quickly. I do enjoy what I am doing. Regards, Jonathan

Life is good!"


Thanks from Col. Dr. Ed AND a Soldier"s Mom!

"I shared the cookies, brownies,and muffins with the other soldiers in our  unit--they were delicious and very welcome, since we'd long since run out of  Christmas goodies.  Thank you again for thinking of us here in Iraq.  The  kindness, concern, and gratitude of those we've come here to defend (the  American people) make our sacrifice worthwhile."  Colonel Edward H. Deputy Commander for Clinical Services Task Force 256

"I spoke to Alex on Thursday and he said he’s received cookies! He’ll be sharing them with his troops and says “thanks” so much! (He’s a man of few words!) As his mom, I really appreciate the efforts of the bakers! It’s comforting to know that you’re keeping my son and the rest of the soldiers in your thoughts and prayers!"



Thank You Bakers!

From Jessica- one of our recent soldiers...
I would like to thank you for the support of our Marines out here in Afghanistan. The shop really enjoyed the care package and the cookies definitely went quickly. And the chap stick/lip gloss is always good out here too. It's a pretty dry and dusty place all around. Please let everyone know that is involved in the baking club that they are greatly appreciated. Your support and generosity goes along way and makes the Marines day. Thank you from VMFA-122."



dear cookie ladies for the troops
i wanted to say thanks soooooooooo much and so does mark our son you supported his troop.
he came home for good this xmas oh how great.
he said the troops really appreciate the support and wishes everyone a happy new year.
he recieved 4 medals of honor and was promoted srgt.
we are so proud of him and thankful he is home.
thanks again theresa hammond