This Is WHY We Do What We Do!!

Dear Bakers,
My son, Ryan told me just emailed me to tell you how much they all appreciated the cookies and brownies you sent.
The soldiers in his unit have been working very hard. They are not on a base and so the food has been pretty poor to this point! Sometimes they get back to their camp and there is no food for them. They were all excited to receive the good homemade food you sent.
Thank you for baking for the MP 447th unit!
Penny and Tom


A Father's Thank You

Thanks again to you & your team for baking all those wonderful cookies which came to my Son, Russ in Afganistan. He sure appreciated all those wonderful goodies that he received.
Just wanted to let you know, he home Safe now. My Wife & I went to Raleigh, NC & met his Plane that came in from the Far East. He arrived on Jan 13, 2010. He was really beat, and the time zones with approximately 11 hours difference between here & there.
Again, Thanks & God Bless