Hello Bakers,

Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate all that you do.  Until I started chairing this group, I had no idea how much work you all put into each and every mailing.

I also wanted to thank you in advance for doing mailings during this busy holiday time.  I realize we all have so much on our plates at this time, but I can't think of a period that would be harder on our soldiers than Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you ever have any suggestions for improvements in this operation, I am open to them all.  No promises I can make them happen, but it's worth a look.




Some Tips on Shipping

Greetings Bakers!
Fran here....thought I would drop in for a minute to pass this info on....
I was reading the Plain Dealer today and came across an article with some sweet tips about shipping to those in the military. Here is the link if you need some ideas.
I trust you all are having a wonderful beginning to a summer that is sure to fly by! Please know that your dedication is appreciated by so many. You may not get a note of thanks every time, but when you do, know that it represents a world of thanks from MANY others!


OHBakes change of hands

Hello bakers, soldiers, etc.-

As many of you know, Fran stepped down as the organizer of OHBakes after much thought & prayer, and turned over leadership to two capable women, Kelli Norris (myself) and Kris Knisely.

Fran is spending increasingly more time at the Family Ministry Center, in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood of Cleveland, http://outreachconnections.org/bsfmc/ and between this and her regular job, she felt it time to let someone else take us forward.

Kris got involved with OHBakes when she read about Fran in the paper and was inspired to join. She is a VERY part time realtor with time on her hands, so this is perfect. She had a nephew who served in Iraq, saw how hard it was on her sister and decided she needed to do something somehow. Kris has a very soft spot for soldiers and their huge sacrifice, like all of us. She live in Columbus and have a great husband and two grown kids.

As for myself, a friend gave me the info for OHBakes one day and I loved the organization from the start! Soldiers & Veterans have a soft spot in my heart because my step-dad is one so I’ve grown up a nice chunk of my life around Veterans as well as a significant number of guys I graduated with are in the service now! I also live in the Columbus area and spend my time between work, church, taking online courses, and spending time with my boyfriend and dog!

We're looking forward to this awesome journey with you guys!
If anybody ever has any questions, wants to bake, or has a soldier for us to bake for, please email us at ohbakes@gmail.com!

Thank you & God Bless,
Kelli N.


Thanks from Jerry's Mom


Just a note of appreciation for the bake goods you and your group sent my son while he was deployed.

He (Jerry) arrived safely back in the United States 2 weeks ago.

Thank you and your group ever so much.

Laura Reinhard



Email Issues

Operation Baking Gals Northern Ohio is currently having email issues where all Hotmail, some MSN, and some ATT addresses that I am sending to are bouncing back to me, having been marked as spam.
I am trying to resolve what I can, not sure how long it will take. I am receiving YOUR emails, but it is very frustrating to not be able to get a reply to many of you.
Sorry for any inconvenience.