Thanks from Rubin

from Rubin's aunt Patty:
"Rubin says to please tell all of the "Gals" that the boxes arrived in great shape and he and his buddies are overwhelmed with the love and thoughtfulness that went into packing each one. They all send their love and thanks."


Great News!

I received this last month from the family of Jim Lawlor (one of our July soldiers).
"We had learned from Jim about 3 weeks ago- that he'd not received any of the letters & pkgs we'd sent since April.
We became very concerned etc- even tho we knew he was in a very remote area.
Just go a message from him this AM that was written 7 hrs ago- he was back at Co. Hqtrs. for a short while- and had gotten everything!!! He couldn't stop thanking for all the good baked goods and good AMERICAN food that you and your bakers had sent. He shared with his group and they all appreciated it more than any of us will ever realize. They all were SO happy!!!!!
There are not words enough to express how much your service means to the families of these guys. And thanks just doesn't seem to even begin to tell you how thankful we are for you all!! But again- thank you for this service.
Sincerely, Linda E
PS- He'll start processing for - back to the states Nov 25th!! That's the best news yet!!!!!!"