We Support Our Troops!!!

We received this email from Bronwyn, the mom of one of our soldiers......
"My son finally was able to call me from Afghanistan yesterday. John has been on a very dangerous outpost and has, up until now, been out of contact from most of the world. He made a specific point to ask me to email the people who sent cookies. He went on and on about all the cookies he had been receiving. He and his fellow Marines have been very appreciative of all the cookies, letters and encouragement. It meant alot to all of them.
I have to tell you what he told me about how he has been using some of the cookies. Because everyone has sent so many, John and his other three unit members eat and enjoy half of each delivery. The other half, they give to the Afghan children at the base of the hill they are on. Because of this kind gesture, the kids are now sending messages to my son whenever the Taliban are planning to attack his hill. Your cookies have help to save my son's life many times over!
I thank all of you for sending the cookies and for the unexpected benefit they provided.
He felt bad that he could not email all the bakers individually who send their address but he has not had any internet since April. John asked that I email on his behalf and thank everyone profusely.
Blessing of God on all of you and the fruit of your labor!"
sent on behalf of Cpl. John D.


Thanks from Geoff!

Please send along my thanks for all the cookies and breads! It was
quite a surprise and everyone enjoyed the packages. I really
appreciate the support of the Ohio Bakers - actually everyone who got
to share this with me does! We really appreciate a piece of home .
Thank you for the well wishes and support.

Your proud soldier,

SPC Geoff Correa


Our Mission Reinforced!

From Jake's mom......" I want to say to all of you who have sent Jake cards and care packages, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! He doesn't have the time or resources to thank all of you personally, but he has told Neal and I both how much getting mail and packages has meant to him. When they are traveling out on missions, they have to eat MRE's (a military meal that is dried and preserved in a box). Jake said that they shove as many cookies, cereal bars, jerky and snacks that they can into their packs, so that they don't have to eat "that other shit"."


Passing Along Thanks!

Elaine writes, "I would like to also pass on great thanks for all the cookies received by Thamir Rimbert. He told his brother, my son in law, how wonderful it was to receive them and to know that so many people care about them being over there."


Thanks Baking Gals!

I was recently deployed to Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan this past year and just returned home, and I wanted to thank you and everyone associated with the baking gals for taking the time to bake cookies for all of us overseas. My unit and I enjoyed the cookies, especially during Christmas, when being away from home can be very difficult. It was nice to know that people still care about the all of us overseas. Thank you so much.
SPC Benjamin Sargent
447th MP CO Ohio