Thanks from Jim's Family

I’m Jan and your group sent cookies to my Jim this month.(November Group 3) I can’t tell you how thrilled he was to receive them!

He received 3 or 4 boxes at the beginning of the month. Then he had to go out on some missions up in the mountains. At that time, he took a turkey and fixings plus a box of “his home made” cookies to share with his soldiers. As this group was far up in the mountains, they were sure they would not have a Thanksgiving dinner let alone ‘real” cookies.

Upon his return to base camp, he found several more boxes of cookies. He called his wife to tell her about them. She said it was the first time in a long time she heard laughter in their conversation.

Your thoughtfulness brings much joy to these soldiers and their families. God bless you and all the bakers working on your project.